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Tori Rainey: 'Work Hard to be the Best'

Starting offensive and defensive lineman, Tori Rainey, shines on the football field in Winfield, Alabama. Tori loves the adrenaline rush that comes with success, dominating with her strength and technique. “I am a very aggressive lineman. I have several sacks a game.”

For 11-year-old Tori, football has been a true love from the very beginning, “since I could walk.” She also competes in softball and basketball, but her greatest passion is football. She is in her 3rd season of organized tackle football and next year will be competing at the junior high level. Her future goals include continuing her career into college football.

Tori’s success on the field is a direct result of the time she puts in to perfect her skills. “I work hard to be the best on the field.” Tori has risen above negative speech from other players and parents in the stands. Her determined mindset and empowering support system, her family and coaches, have kept her in the game.

Tori is a leader in all aspects of her life. She wants to encourage other female athletes to continue in their love for the game and in their work on the field. “Play hard and never quit.”

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