Keep Her In The Game Hardship Fund

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Women's National Football Conference:
Founding Partner of Got Her Back
Keep Her In The Game

At Got Her Back, we are focused on keeping HER in the game. Often our support is targeted at keeping girls 17 and under in sports. Through this grant program, we focus on adult women playing tackle football.


Today, there are over 3,500+ adult women playing organized tackle football in the US alone. While the sport is progressing towards paying players, it is widely recognized as a working woman's game, meaning most players have full-time jobs and pay to play.


In partnership with the Women's National Football Conference (WNFC), we are proud to announce the "Keep Her In The Game Hardship Fund". The Fund will supply helmets, cleats, and other critical equipment required for safe gameplay to women's tackle football players who are experiencing a major financial hardship. U.S. residents only.

Special THANK YOU to Mr. Steve Smith Sr., The Steve Smith Family Foundation, the National Women's Football Officials Association, and our friends at Riddell Sports for providing the initial funding for this grant program. Click below to join in the mission of empowering female athletes.

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“Through Riddell’s support of the ‘Keep Her in the Game Hardship Fund,’ we ensure advanced helmet technology and protective equipment is accessible to these deserving women as they pursue their dream of playing professional football. While the challenges each athlete faces are unique, their collective commitment to the game of football is powerful. Riddell is looking forward to following their journey in the WNFC this season and beyond.”

- Erin Griffin, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Riddell