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Tanner Berry: Passion for the Process

Tanner Berry is a 7th grade tackle football player for the Indy Steelers in Indianapolis, Indiana. Tanner is a versatile athlete, playing at linebacker, running back, and tight end. She has been in the game since she was six years old. Encouragement from her brother and cousin drew Tanner to get involved in football and she is now in her sixth season. Tanner has received invitations to play in all-American games for football and also shines in her athleticism by competing in wrestling, boxing, and basketball.

The brotherhood and sisterhood of football is very meaningful to Tanner who has found support among many of her teammates. She also enjoys the physicality of the game as an outlet for any anger. Tanner believes that football “keeps you off the streets and helps make a future for yourself.” One of her goals is to be the first female to play in the NFL. It is also one of Tanner’s missions to support her city. She volunteers her time to two non-profit organizations, Tab Fresh Stop and The Ross Foundation.

Being underestimated because she is a girl has only fueled Tanner’s motivation to work harder. She has risen above challenges and developed a dedicated work ethic on and off the field. Her effort and drive to compete is undeniably showcased in her continual growth as an athlete! As Tanner follows her passion for football and gives back to her community, she creates a better world for future female football players while playing the game she loves.

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