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Sarah Clark Named Executive Director of Got Her Back

Got Her Back proudly announces Sarah Clark as our Executive Director

Sarah is a world class writer and editor based in Fort Worth, Texas. After earning a degree in Health and Physical Education, with additional study in Psychology, Sarah spent seven years as an educator. She had the privilege to mentor individuals, facilitate events within the school community, and provide positive experiences with sports and exercise for thousands of students.

A Women's National Football Conference athlete of the Texas Elite Spartans and a former collegiate basketball player, Sarah understands the dynamic impact sports create.

"I believe that increased opportunities for women and girls in all sports will contribute to a better world. The mission of Got Her Back aligns with my passions of relationship-building and giving a voice to others by sharing their stories." - Sarah Clark

At Got Her Back, we give visibility to girls in football and provide connection throughout their journey. We want girls to feel supported, not only by their communities and football peers, but also by women’s tackle football pioneers who set the precedent for an equal future.

Our goal is to empower girls to combat negativity and rise above expectations as they persevere in their love of football.

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