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Nia Fernandez: 'Just Compete'

Freshman wide receiver and defensive back, Nia Fernandez, is in her first season of football and has goals of a long career ahead. She shines in her skills for the Wildcats in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

“I really liked playing football. What motivated me even more was people telling me I couldn’t play. A challenge I've overcome has been going up against athletes who are taller, stronger and bigger. I’ve grown to not dwell on this but to just compete.

I really encourage other girls to play football because of the amazing family you can grow with. I love the team and I love how hard the amazing coaches push me to become better. I want to thank my teammates and all my coaches for always being there for me.

Football can change your life in many ways. I prove that girls can do anything they want.”

Photo Credit: Phil Stapleton

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