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Kellan Hicks: Working for her Dreams

Kellan Hicks is an eight-year-old tackle football player in Jacksonville, Florida. She is in her first season on the field as a tight end and defensive tackle for the Oceanway Buccaneers.

As Kellan watched her older brother on the football field, her desire to get involved in the game grew! Learning a brand new sport has been a challenge, but Kellan has remained open to coaching and has grown as a result. Her teammates have been encouraging and supportive in the process of her first season. Through her hard work this year, she has seen improvement in her strength and speed. Kellan’s favorite part of football is tackling the boys.

Kellan meeting up with Breana Haines of the WNFC's Florida Avengers!

Kellan wants to keep pushing herself and become the fastest on the field! Her future goal is to compete in college athletics. Seeing the success of other female football players motivates her to keep going and work even harder!

She encourages other girls to play football so they can have fun, learn, and strengthen their teamwork. “Everyone should try a new sport. You might end up loving it. Always work hard at every practice to be better.”

Image Credit: Donald Manor

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