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Kadence Drayer: ‘Never Give Up’

Kadence Drayer is a Texas 3rd grader in her very first season of football. The eight-year-old plays at safety for the Farmersville Fighting Farmers’ defense. Currently the only girl on the squad, she has found a second family in teammates who always have her back on and off the field. She cherishes the challenge that the game of football brings and continues to grow as a result of her dedication.

I've always loved football. I started playing this season. I didn't know girls could play too. I knew it would be hard and that there would be people who thought girls shouldn’t play. Their doubt just made me want to play even more. I get a chance to show how much heart I have every time I step on the field.

Life is hard and so is football, that's why I love it so much. Football teaches me to be strong and it challenges me everyday. Shining on the field makes you feel like you're on top of the world. I want to work really hard everyday to improve. Two of my goals are to get a college scholarship for football and to play in the NFL.

I love to tackle every single boy that says, “Eww, you have a girl on your team.” It has been hard at times dealing with the stares and the mean comments and giving up time with my friends. Through all of the challenges, I have made so many new friends and learned so much. My sister has also been a great support system for me. I love having her by my side to cheer me on! I have learned to never give up.

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