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Aubree Davis, High School Quarterback: Football is Family

Aubree Davis is a high school tackle football player. She plays multiple positions for Shadow Ridge High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, including quarterback, receiver, corner and safety. The fourteen-year-old has grown up with a football in her hands. She started throwing the ball with her dad at the age of three and at four years old, Aubree threw her first touchdown pass. Aubree knew then that football was her game.

Aubree plays football all year and shines in both tackle and flag. She is the starting quarterback for the JV girls flag football team with Shadow Ridge. So far this season, she has led her team to a winning record of 9-1.

A strong, accurate and focused quarterback, Aubree utilizes visualization to prepare for competition. “I see what I need to do. I get out there and do my best to do it.” Aubree’s favorite part of football is the excitement of scoring and winning games! She also loves the outlet for her drive to be her best and succeed.

A Las Vegas Silver Stars fan, Aubree has developed a lasting connection with Women’s National Football Conference athletes. After an invite to a team practice, Aubree felt her goals in football confirmed. She returned to train with the Las Vegas squad and saw a clear path to her future in the league. Not only has she grown in her skills, she has formed lasting bonds. “I learn from each and everyone on the entire team and now they are my family!”

Throughout challenges in her ten years of football, Aubree has remained resilient. “I have pushed forward, done my best and continued to train and practice.” Her goals are to stay dedicated to giving her all each time she steps onto the field and to continue to develop as a football player so she can receive a college scholarship.

Photos: Brenda Ingargiola

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