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Aleigh Miller: 'Break Barriers & Make Statements'

Aleigh Miller, 11-year-old defensive end and tight end, raises the standard on her football team through her leadership. She enjoys tackling and creating big plays to contribute to the team's win. Loving the game since playing outside with her brothers at a young age, she officially began playing on a team last year. Aleigh grew up enjoying competition in pageants, but now focuses her competitive drive and energy into shining on the field. “Playing football allows me to break barriers and make statements.” She also dominates on the basketball court in her hometown of Oxford, Alabama.

Aleigh has truly earned her position on the team. Loving the challenge of the battle, Aleigh is currently the only girl on her squad, but is confident that “anything a male can do, a female can.” By continually pushing herself to improve, Aleigh continues to thrive on the field. “I have grown through this situation by training harder, working with a personal trainer and being fearless.”

Aleigh’s goal is to pave the way for female athletes who will follow after her on the field and will continue to create opportunities for others with her fearless mindset. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

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