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NWFOA Donates $1K To "Keep Her In The Game" Grant Program For Giving Tuesday

Today, the National Women's Football Officials Association announced a $1,000 donation to the Keep Her In The Grant Program. There are over 3,500+ adult women playing organized tackle football in the US alone. While the sport is progressing towards paying players, it is widely recognized as a working woman's game, meaning most players have full-time jobs and pay to play.

In partnership with the Women's National Football Conference (WNFC), Got Her Back launched "Keep Her In The Game Hardship Fund". The Fund supplies helmets, cleats, and other critical equipment required for safe gameplay to women's tackle football players who are experiencing a major financial hardship. The first application period will close today, December 1, 2020.

About National Women's Football Officials Association

The National Women's Football Officials Association aims to effectively train officials in the unique set of rules governing women's tackle and flag football. We are an official's organization charged with the betterment of women's tackle and flag football through exceptional officiating.

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