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Maya Pears: Colorado Competitor

Maya Pears is a 7th grade tackle football player in Longmont, Colorado. She is in her 5th season of football and plays corner, safety, and wide receiver for the Longmont Falcons.

Football is in Maya’s family history. Her father and her uncle are former NFL players. Maya’s journey in football began when she was encouraged by her father to try a sport. When her dad offered football as an option, Maya was enthusiastic! She fell in love with the game. She started off with flag football in 2nd grade and then moved on to tackle in middle school.

Consistently the only girl on her team, Maya’s presence on the field is unexpected within her community. She has had to overcome negative comments and teasing. Maya feels pressure to work harder than everyone else to prove that she deserves a place on the field. She has not allowed the negativity to deter her. Fueled by her love for the game, Maya continues to compete and succeed.

Maya cherishes the energy and excitement of football. She is a skilled blocker and loves the physicality of the game. Her leadership abilities are evident on the field as she shares her football knowledge and understanding of plays. Maya has the goal of becoming the first female NFL player, and in a non-kicking position.

Through Maya’s determination to be great, her hard work towards her goals, and her strong support system, she will continue to shine in her passion for football. Maya encourages any girls who are interested in football to go for it!

“If you work hard enough at it, you can earn the respect of your coaches, teammates, and the parents watching. Be the hardest worker on and off the field. Surround yourself with mentors and friends that encourage and support you.”

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