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Jaymie Clere: Making History in the Midwest

Fullback and middle linebacker, Jaymie Clere, is in the seventh year of her football career. The 17-year-old junior made history at Jimtown High School in Elkhart, Indiana by becoming the first female to score a varsity touchdown. The timing was poetic, as Jaymie carried the ball into the endzone exactly five years after her first career touchdown in youth football. After a natural transition into organized football in 5th grade, Jaymie has continued to elevate her game. Her leadership supports and inspires the next generation of female football players.

Photos: Casey Clopton

We played football everyday. I always played with the boys at recess in 3rd and 4th grade and it was something I started to love. I began playing organized football in 5th grade.

This was something I fell in love with and I knew I had to keep going. The main challenge I faced was being accepted. For a long time, it was seen as something new and no one knew how to respond to it. Now it is nothing but love and support from my community even though other schools have issues with it. I still keep going because I know my team has my back.

Over the years, I’ve had many uphills and downhills. Recently I got my first varsity carries. That first play was amazing and I’ll never forget it. I also was featured in a second news article and have that to add to the books.

I love how much of a family my team is. Even on our worst days, I know we can all make each other smile and keep each other going. I plan to finish out high school playing football, softball, bowling and in marching band. After graduation, I plan to continue my education and focus on schooling.

I would love to meet other girls that are just like me and have the same love and passion for what they do. Recently in our youth programs, girls have come out for practice. I love talking to them, getting to know them and supporting them throughout the season. I’d tell others that playing football is not as scary as most people think. The hits don’t hurt when you have so much adrenaline going. It is such an excitement that you never forget.

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