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Middle School Tackle,
New Jersey

“Winning the Keep Her in the Game Grant gives me renewed confidence going into this tackle season! Knowing I have my own properly fitted helmet will help me have more confidence on the field and keep me playing at my best! Last season I had to play with borrowed equipment that did not fit properly and it was hard for me to keep my mind in the game without worrying about my safety. I have been playing football since I was 9 years old. It is my passion and I hope to keep playing as long as I can. Thank you for helping me stay in the game!”

Keep Tallulah in the Game: Her Story

In her 5th season of football, middle-schooler Tallulah plays for the Southern Regional Rams at a variety of positions including tight end, defensive end, wide receiver and running back. She started playing flag football when she was 7 and then tackle at 9 years old. Tallulah’s love for football started by watching football with her dad and wanting to play in the NFL one day. She knew football was her game when she got her first sack and her favorite moment so far was the first time she was able to break through double teams.


Working with borrowed, oversized equipment that could cause safety issues, Tallulah looks forward to receiving equipment built for her. “Riddell fits my head and does not cause me to get a headache. A new Riddell helmet that fits me properly would greatly help my confidence and comfort in the game.”

Tallulah’s biggest challenge playing football has been the severe bullying and threats from her teammates who wanted to keep her out of the game. Tallulah’s perseverance has kept her going. “It’s been hard but I’m happy I never gave up and let them take something I love from me.”


“The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far from being an athlete is to never give up. Perseverance is the key to success!  Football has helped me learn that everything doesn’t come easy but if you work hard and don’t quit you can achieve your goals.”

Photos: Genee Brandt
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