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DT/OL, Kansas City Glory: WNFC

“When I was expecting to officially hang up my old cleats, Keep Her in the Game granted me a new pair of cleats to literally keep me in the game! Thank you!”

Keep Syreeta in the Game: Her Story

Football became Syreeta’s outlet through times of adversity. Through the game, she found herself and a deeper connection to her two children who also play competitive sports. Coming out of retirement due to her love of the game, this will be Syreeta’s seventh season on the field. 


A defensive tackle and offensive lineman for the Kansas City Glory of the Women’s National Football Conference, Syreeta loves connecting with other females who are just as passionate about football as she is. Syreeta has gained extreme resilience throughout her career, powered by her unstoppable work ethic. 


“Football has taught me that I will always meet up with someone who is more experienced than me, more talented than me and more knowledgeable than me because these things are factors that I cannot control. But there is one factor that I can control and that is to make sure that when I walk onto the field, on any given day, that no one else on that field will work harder than me!”

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