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OL, San Diego Rebellion: WNFC

“Getting this grant will help keep me in the game because I will have the correct equipment that will fit me without causing pain.”

Keep Rebecca in the Game: Her Story

“The first day my foot touched the field my whole life changed. I knew this was love. I can't really explain it, but I found what I've been missing. I know wherever this takes me, I'm going to be ready.”


A military spouse and new to California, Rebecca fought to find herself through football and her consistent fitness journey. After starting her career signed to another league in 2021, Rebecca’s mindset was changed by the WNFC. She built confidence and resilience through being an athlete and learned to discipline herself to improve daily. Rebecca's goal is to increase exposure for women in tackle football.  


“I can honestly say that I love myself, something I could never say before. The seed was planted when I first met football, it started to grow when I joined the San Diego Rebellion. Football has helped me grow as a person because it's taught me discipline, love and happiness.”

Photos: Mr. and Mrs. Stolli, San Diego Rebellion
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