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DT/OL, Utah Falconz: WNFC

“As a person that has faced a good bit of adversity, I am honored to be presented the opportunity to tell my story. I believe through testimony and truth we all can touch someone's heart that needs it. This grant will keep me in the game because it motivates me to touch more lives and pay the blessing forward. Football has introduced me to so many amazing people and opportunities, and opened my world up tremendously. This is true for my three awesome boys as well and I want to continue to expose them to the world of endless possibilities that is WOMEN'S FOOTBALL. If they see that Mommy can do it, they will believe they can too! Thank you!”

Keep Mechelle in the Game: Her Story

“They have shown me just how special the bond between us is. I want to come back stronger next season and show them that I'm willing to fight for them and have their backs just as much as they've had mine. NOTHING will stop me from getting back on that field.”


In June of 2023, Mechelle’s life was changed when she broke her leg during the WNFC conference playoffs. A single mother raising three boys, Mechelle has risen to face new challenges over the last few months. She has connected deeply with her Utah Falconz family, who have been there to help with transportation, meals and care.  

Mechelle first became interested in playing football in high school, but there were no opportunities for her in her area. Becoming a mother at 19 caused football to be on hold for her. Later when she found out about the Falconz, motherhood became her motivation to play.


Mechelle’s favorite moments of football are always how excited and proud her three sons are when they see her play, practice or do anything involving football. Her sons brag about how their mom is a football player and that pushes her to work increasingly harder on and off the field. 


Through challenges, Mechelle was embraced by her Falconz teammates, acting as her only family in town. Mechelle pushed herself to stay consistent within the team, despite the challenges of being a single mother. Mechelle’s love for football was embraced by her team, who have stayed connected in support since she arrived. 


“Outside of being a mother, football is the only positive light in my life. All I want to do is play, but I need every dime I have to ensure I keep a roof over my family's heads. Being a part of a football team has shown me that I don't have to carry a load alone. I've learned to put pride aside and lean on my team. Football has shown me how important it is to work as a team and push harder to dig deep when things get tough.”

Photos: Jason Strother
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