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WR/RB/DB, Youth Tackle & Flag: Florida

"I am so thankful to be awarded this helmet. I play football year-round, whether it is tackle or flag, and I enjoy every minute. It becomes very expensive between traveling, training, equipment and more. By being awarded this helmet, my mom can breathe a sigh of relief that I will be all the much better protected during the season and that now she can focus on getting other equipment I may need for the upcoming season."

Keep Kyleigh in the Game: Her Story

“I absolutely love every aspect of both flag and tackle. I enjoy breaking barriers and showing that girls are just as capable as the boys. This first season of tackle, I had a lot of doubters, but after I scored my first running touchdown they quickly went silent. As I began making tackles, scoring touchdowns and extra points then showed off my field goal abilities, I had many people cheering me on.”

Kyleigh Davis has been a football player since she was eight years old. Now in her sixth season, she plays running back, wide receiver and defensive back in tackle and flag. Kyleigh loves to challenge herself and didn’t know any girls who played football when she started. After her persistence, she was allowed to first play flag football. After four flag seasons, Kyleigh’s friends and coach vouched for her to join tackle and her career continued. She currently plays on a travel flag team and was invited to a spring tackle league. 

Despite heckling from boys and even athletes’ parents, Kyleigh continued working to dominate on the field. She even started hiding her hair, so others wouldn’t know she was a girl during the games. Her success continued and the negative comments started to decrease. 

Kyleigh is always putting in extra work, before and after practices and through professional agility training. Her willingness to outwork the competition drives her forward. She continues to grow her game by reviewing her competitions and processing through things to correct. Learning responsibility, teamwork and accountability through football, the game has helped her grow on and off the field.

“I am very proud to be a female football player. I am so grateful to be a part of this movement of incredibly talented female athletes pushing the envelope and showing that women play too!!!”

Photos: Natasha Davis & Capture Life LLC
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