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WR/DB, Los Angeles Legends: WNFC

“This will not only empower me to get better everyday, but also motivate me to make it to the highest level I can in women’s pro football. Thank you so much.”

Keep Jkera in the Game: Her Story

Football runs in Jkera’s family and her love for the game started early. Her dad played semi-pro football and coached youth football throughout her childhood. She grew up on the field and whenever she wasn’t on turf, she was playing Madden. At family gatherings, cousins gathered for games of jackpot and 2-hand touch. She played high school flag football and was a natural from the start, winning team MVP. 


A new L.A. resident, growing through the game has been impactful for Jkera as she has found her purpose in playing for the team. Her mental and physical health have improved since joining the Legends. Drawing from her football history, Jkera holds high standards for herself and pushes herself to be the best athlete she can be.

Photos: #theXPbrand
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