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Riddell Sports Partners with WNFC's Got Her Back Charity to "Keep HER In The Game"

At Got Her Back, we are focused on keeping HER in the game. Often our support is targeted at keeping girls 17 and under in sports. Through the "Keep Her In The Game" grant program, we focus on adult women playing tackle football. Today, there are over 3,500+ adult women playing organized tackle football in the U.S. alone. While the sport is progressing towards paying players, it is widely recognized as a working woman's game, meaning most players have full-time jobs and pay to play.

“Through Riddell’s support of the ‘Keep Her in the Game Hardship Fund,’ we ensure advanced helmet technology and protective equipment is accessible to these deserving women as they pursue their dream of playing professional football,” said, Erin Griffin, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Riddell. “While the challenges each athlete faces are unique, their collective commitment to the game of football is powerful. Riddell is looking forward to following their journey in the WNFC this season and beyond.”

In partnership with the Women's National Football Conference (WNFC), made possible by the generous donations by Riddell Sports and other partners we are proud to announce these 9 inaugural recipients of the "Keep Her In The Game Hardship Fund". The fund supplies helmets, cleats, and other critical equipment required for safe gameplay to women's tackle football players who are experiencing a major financial hardship. The next grant cycle will open in February 2021.

Special THANK YOU to Mr. Steve Smith Sr., The Steve Smith Family Foundation, the National Women's Football Officials Association, and our friends at Riddell Sports for providing the initial funding for this grant program.

"Keep Her in the Game" Recipients January 2021:

Adrienne V. Tauaese: Denver Bandits

"The recognition provided through this grant is wonderful. My love for the game has driven me to play every season, but a gesture such as this, for female athletes, really encourages me to continue. As a Mom of two and the primary financial provider of my family, grants such as this are truly appreciated and meaningful."

Adrienne V. Tauaese, Denver Bandits

Alexis Foxworth-Anderson: Houston Heat

"First, I want to say thank you SO much for having my back. This grant means the entire world to me and my sports career moving forward. I was ready to quit the season before I knew I was receiving this grant. I talked to my coach about my lack of equipment and funds for my player fees, and I was so upset. Playing football for the Heat has become such a huge part of me, and I was about to let all of that go."

Alexis Foxworth-Anderson, Houston Heat

Andrea Scott: Kansas City Glory

"Winning the shoulder pads will help with protecting me from hard hits and keep me going! Safety is a big key in keeping me in the game. This right here is what makes me want to work harder and show what the Glory has to prove! Thank you all."

Andrea Scott, Kansas City Glory

Aspen Baca: Denver Bandits

"Winning the Keep Her in the Game grant award will help me stay in the game because it will allow me to continue to play without the stress and worry of where and how I am going to get a helmet of my own. I have been borrowing one, but being able to win this piece of gear and having it be MY helmet, means so much. I appreciate this so much and cannot wait for this season!"

Aspen Baca, Denver Bandits

Dezniyah Davis: Houston Heat

"Winning the Keep Her in the Game grant award will help me stay in the game by challenging me to become a more motivated and dedicated athlete. I will continue to share my story with other women who also have a desire to get in the game! Thank you Got Her Back charity for having mine!"

Dezniyah Davis, Houston Heat

Kodie Johnson: Atlanta Phoenix

"The Keep Her in the Game grant award is helping me pursue my dream of becoming a professional athlete. It is expensive to play tackle football. I am working my way through my Master's Degree right now and can barely make ends meet as it is. This grant award is making it possible to get the needed equipment without completely emptying my pockets. I am very grateful to have received this award."

Kodie Johnson, Atlanta Phoenix

Mackenzie Grause: Kansas City Glory

"I have wanted to be a football player since I was in kindergarten. Back then, I was only able to be a football player for dress up and Halloween. It means the world to me that I can play football in real life and actually compete at the highest level! Thank you for your support and for helping me with my football journey!"

Mackenzie Grause, Kansas City Glory

Rosalyn Martin: Carolina Queens

"The best things that have happened to me are my Carolina Queens family, my best friend Krista Zeigler from the team, and the WNFC. With the support from Krista, aka Ziggy, I was able to keep pushing and do the Kidney Walk for 2 years straight with my wife and also continue to play football. Thank you WNFC for being a blessing to so many women in the world and giving me the opportunity. It’s great to know you got my back and are keeping me in the game."

Rosalyn Martin, Carolina Queens

Towanda Williams: Houston Heat

"This has been a really rough ride for me. I got injured at football practice in February of 2020. Then the pandemic happened and I lost my job. With the help of the Keep Her in the Game program, I will be able to hit the field come this May. This is really a big help for me with getting my equipment that I need to keep me on the field. I am very thankful for this and the WNFC. Be on the lookout for #16 of the Houston Heat. Thank you."

Towanda Williams, Houston Heat

Thank you to our donors!

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