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Briley Greene: Leading on the Line

Briley Greene is an eight-year-old tackle football player from Georgia. She showcases her talents as a lineman on both offense and defense for the Southeast Bulldawgs and has played for two seasons.

Briley’s interest in football was first sparked when she was a cheerleader. As she watched the games from the sidelines, she realized that football looked like a fun sport! Love for football is also ingrained within her family. “My brothers play and I felt like I wanted to prove that boys weren’t better than girls.” After her experiences on the field, her hopes about football were confirmed. She loves the game and the exercise that comes with it.

She has not allowed doubt from opponents to deter her goals. “Some kids on the other teams made fun of me because I am a girl and they thought they were better than me because I am a girl. They tried to make me feel bad and they wanted me not to play. I ignored it and did my best.” She plays confidently and has an invested support system around her in her family and coaching staff.

Briley has achieved success early in her football career as a 2020 SEC champion and Battleground All-Star. This month, her hard work was highlighted through recognition as 2020 President and AD Bulldawg of the Year for the entire Bulldawgs organization.

The Women’s National Football Conference’s Atlanta Phoenix have a notable fan in Briley. She is very excited to support them on the field this season at the games! She encourages other girls to play football as well, “Girls can do it and be really good”!

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