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DB/RB, Philadelphia Phantomz: WNFC

“I am grateful to have been selected. This grant will help me continue to pave my way to being able to afford to play football.”

Keep Charniece in the Game: Her Story

Charniece Carney of the Philadelphia Phantomz has worked for an eight season career as a defensive back and running back. When she first found out about women’s full contact football, her career started immediately. “I was determined to play and learn the game that I now love. It was an outlet for me & it saved my life.”


After experiencing homelessness throughout her rookie year and dealing with health issues among her family members, football became an irreplaceable outlet. “When everything in my personal life seemed it was crashing down, I’d go to practice and I would forget about the outside world and lock in. I knew this was my game.”


Charniece has silenced outside noise that has tried to create doubt around her career. She’s locked in to the family mentality of football and grown through the game.


“Football has molded me into a better woman, it has humbled me and it has become my outlet.”

Photos: All Money Shots
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