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WR, Edinburgh Wolves: Edinburgh, Scotland

“With the help of the Keep Her in the Game Grant, I am now able to afford safe access to tackle football, reducing a key barrier to entry by providing safe and up to date equipment. Keep Her in the Game has done exactly that, it has allowed me to continue playing the sport I love.”

Keep Emily in the Game: Her Story

Emily, wide receiver of Scotland’s Edinburgh Wolves, started her football career following the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. She struggled to connect to a community during her sport policy studies abroad in Scotland. Searching for a club to make friends, former softball player Emily started her search with softball and baseball clubs, but landed on the Wolves page after shared by a classmate. Emily always wanted to play football but was never allowed in the game, outside of high school powderpuff week. 


She now loves football and remembers lifting her squad to victory with her first career touchdown as a career highlight. After dealing with serious injuries earlier in her athletic career, football has helped Emily regain her confidence as an athlete through support from her Wolfpack team. While at first struggling to integrate into the team and connect across cultures, Emily attributes her rise to the open and accepting environment of her team.


“It can be hard to come into a fully functioning team and carve out a stance for yourself, but over time I made friends and now have a pack behind me.”

Photos: David Roberson & Katie Stepek
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