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DB, Los Angeles Legends: WNFC

"I want to say thank you for blessing me with the Keep Her in the Game Grant award. The helmet will help me not only continue to play the game that I love professionally but also keep me safe while doing so. Now I can come into the next season with one less worry and focus on the most important thing, inspiring the next generation of women professional football players."

Keep Mallory in the Game: Her Story

“I played with heart and everything I had. Once that football got into my hands and I scored my first touchdown, football became my first love.”

Mallory, defensive back for the Los Angeles Legends, started playing football at around 5 years old. After watching her cousins and older family members play and seeing the bond they had on the field, Mallory dreamed of playing the game herself. She started out with the flag football team in her city and then played at her middle school. Football wasn’t a hobby for Mallory, but she was invested in growing her game to improve how she could contribute to her team, working on her speed and athleticism to counter her size.

As Mallory has grown as an athlete, she has also expanded mentally and in her bonds with her teammates, who she sees as another family. Playing football has helped her to continue to focus on what she loves despite adversity. Mallory looks to continue to grow as an athlete and give back to the younger generation through coaching.

Photos: #theXPbrand & Full Image 360
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