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DL, Navy Seals: Mexico

"Cuando das lo mejor de recompensa llega expresada en muchas formas! 

Estos momentos me inspiran a seguir adelante!

Este deporte nunca deja de sorprenderme!

Agradezco el interés y el apoyo para que el football femenil siga creciendo!"

Keep Lizbeth in the Game: Her Story

Lizbeth started playing football for exercise after work, never imagining it would become her passion. Inspired by the dedication of her teammates, Lizbeth worked to become a pillar on her team, even winning MVP. What was unthinkable just a few years ago, football has now become part of Lizbeth’s life purpose. As foundations for women’s American football are being set in Mexico, Lizbeth and her teammates fight through minimal support to play the game they love.


“There are no limits other than those that are in your mind.”

Photos: Yenspic & Alfonso Vega
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